Thu Jul 16 08:04:35 EST 1992

I am working on a project analysing the kinds of information that journals
"mandate" or "suggest" that authors make available beyond what is
published in the article itself. Journals like CABIOS intrigue me because
the articles tend to deal with newly developed algorithms/software that
readers may wish to have direct access to -- but there is no statement in
the "instructions to authors" dealing with this potential information need.
I did notice the "reader enquiry cards" in each issue and that most (all?)
articles had a reader enquiry card number at the end of the text. This would
suggest to me that a reader could get additional information on the
computer application discussed by circling the card and sending it to
the editorial office.

I would be delighted to hear from any netters who have authored an article
in CABIOS and/or read an article, circled the reader enquiry card number, and
gotten a response.

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