Codon Usage Analysis

Keith Robison robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 16 14:46:59 EST 1992

lmh at medg.lcs.mit.edu (Minghsun Liu) writes:

>I am not sure if this is the right newsgroup to post too.  And
>comments will be appreciated.

>Recently, I was given the task of doing a codon usage analysis on
>pseudomonas putida.  Except access to the net, I really don't have
>much resources here.  (I am remotely logged in.)  My quesrtion is, as
>a novice, what particular points should I look out for.  (I am
>planning to pull out the data in GenBank and write a program to parse
>and anlyze the data.)  Orr better yet, has there been an analysis like
>this done?

>Many thanx in advance!

>- Minghsun Liu

	I have UNIX software which will accomplish this, but at this time
it requires a local copy of GenBank and software to access it
(i.e. GCG or Eugene).    
	Generating the data takes very little effort once you have
a set of entries culled of duplicates.  I would be happy to generate
the table if you are willing to cull the CDS list.

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