System Service Request (SSR) Benchmarking Questionnaire

Yao-Chung Lee Raymond ylee at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Jul 16 15:09:54 EST 1992

SSR are requests to the MIS department for application modification or 
new application development.  I am preparing this questionnaire to get 
an idea of how SSR is handled in different companies.  If there is any 
interest, I will email the results.

Q0:   How long (days) does it take for a SSR to be added to the 
      MIS backlog?  (from initiation by end-user to acceptance by MIS)
Q1:   When does a "SSR" become a SSR?
      (a)   When a user submits to MIS?
      (b)   When approved by MIS?
      (c)   When approved by a SSR Steering Committee?

Q2:   Who generates the SSR, the enduser or the IS Coordinator for that 

Q3:   How is the SSR submitted?  (ie electronically or paper-form)

Q4:   If the SSR is submitted electronically, is the application 
      developed in-house?

Q5:   Is a IS Steering Committee used to prioritize the SSRs at your company?  

Q6:   If yes to Q2:  What is the composition of the Steering Committee?  
	(ie. all high level, all user level, mixed)

Q7:   If no to Q2:How is the SSR prioritized and classified?

Q8:   What are the evaluative criteria used to prioritize SSRs?
      (eg. MAJOR/MINOR projects, Cost/Benefit Analysis)

Q9:   How does IS management estimate time of completion for a SSR?
      (ie.  Is there any CASE tools used or shot in the dark)
Q10:  Is the MIS department centralized or decentralized?  
       (ie all at HQ or disperse in other locations)

Q11:  Are the programmers/analysts considered one big group in MIS or are 
      they assigned to specific functional areas (ie FIN, MFG, SALES etc)?

Q12:  If yes to Q8: How are projects which span across more than 1 
      functional area assigned?

Q13:  Briefly describe your company's SSR process.

Q14:  Which components of the SSR process do you consider excellent and 
      would recommend it to others?

Q15:  Any publications you have read about the SSR process?

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

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