PIR Rel 33, GenBank Rel 72, and new files on the UH Gene-Server

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Sat Jul 18 14:52:46 EST 1992

GenBank Release 72 is available via e-mail server from the UH
Gene-Server. It is fully indexed for author, accession number,
and keyword retrieval.  To get started, send the message
	gene-server at bchs.uh.edu.

PIR Release 33, courtesy of Dr. Bill Pearson and the PIR, is 
available via anonymous FTP, e-mail, and Gopher.

The anonymous ftp archive is on
and includes the NRL3D files.

Any entry may be retrieved via e-mail to
	gene-server at bchs.uh.edu
	gene-server%bchs.uh.edu at CUNYVM
with the syntax
	send pir-entry NAME1 NAME2 NAME3 NAME4

where NAME1... are obtained from the index files. To receive an index
file, send the command
	send pir-index pir1.33.dat-a
for example, to get all entry names in section 1 of the database that
begin with "A".  The command 
	send pir-help
is also useful.

For Gopher, use the following links:

Name=Fetch by accession no.

Name=Search (keyword,species...)

or access the Home Gopher, then choose Other Gophers, then "North
America", then "PIR Archive".


Note the latest Disinfectant and Gatekeeper have been added.

 219264 Jul 18 13:25 disinfectant29.hqx Latest Disinfectant
 309196 Jul 11 14:21 gatekeeper126.hqx Latest. OVER BITNET SIZE LIMIT!
 245083 Jul 18 13:31 aligner10k.hqx Latest DNAstack and Aligner, multiple
 749298 Jul 18 13:33 dnastacks10k.hqx sequence alignment. Note size!
  11924 Jul 18 13:53 dnastacks.readme  README for DNAstacks

D. Curtis' pedigree drawing programs have been updated; COMAP has been
split for BITNET retrieval, a random mutagenesis program has been
submitted, and esee109e,the multiple sequence alignment editor,
has been converted to .uue form for mailing. Several other programs have
also been added.

 62483 Jul 18 12:01 pedhelp.aa  New HELP files for PEDRAW14, by
  3791 Jul 18 12:01 pedhelp.ab  D. Curtis
 62485 Jul 18 12:01 pedraw14.aa  D. Curtis' new version of his
 62524 Jul 18 12:01 pedraw14.ab  pedigree drawing software.  See
 62524 Jul 18 12:01 pedraw14.ac  pedutil.* earlier in this file.
 62524 Jul 18 12:01 pedraw14.ad  (requires PKUNZIP, see earlier
 62524 Jul 18 12:01 pedraw14.ae   in this file)
 21396 Jul 18 12:01 pedraw14.af
 62484 Jul 18 12:01 fastmap.aa   Companion program to PEDRAW
 62524 Jul 18 12:01 fastmap.ab
 51210 Jul 18 12:01 fastmap.ac
  1641 Jul 18 12:01 pedraw.readme Describes PEDRAW, PEDHELP, and FASTMAP
122390 Jul 18 12:07 ramha1.uue  Random mutagenesis software (req. lharc)
125840 Jul 18 13:51 comap.uaa K. Hoffman's COMAP, split for BITNET
126000 Jul 18 13:51 comap.uab
126000 Jul 18 13:51 comap.uac
126000 Jul 18 13:51 comap.uad
120596 Jul 18 13:51 comap.uae
624436 May  9 16:40 comap.uue K. Hoffman's COMAP, Internet size
  6365 Jul 18 13:54 gel11b.doc
135939 May  9 16:40 gel11b.uue
  1590 Jul 18 14:00 pgen.dsc PGEN doc file
 62187 May  9 16:40 pgen11.uue  executable
182652 Jul 18 14:21 esee109e.uue Multiple sequence alignment update

Additional files have been added from the other archives to maintain

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