IUBio archive update

Don Gilbert gilbertd at fly.bio.indiana.edu
Mon Jul 20 08:53:48 EST 1992

Here is a list of some of the newer files available at IUBio archive,
either thru anonymous ftp or using Internet Gopher to ftp.bio.indiana.edu. 
There are other interesting data and documents available at this location 
thru gopher, for which you need gopher client software (see /util/gopher).

  666727 Jul 20 ./biology/ibmpc/pedraw14.uue   -- pedigree drawing
  114815 Jul 20 ./fly/drosophila-phylogeny.hqx -- tree of drosophila species
   28336 Jul  6 ./molbio/data/rebase      -- restriction enzymes
   85978 Jul 16 ./molbio/ibmpc/ramha1.exe -- random mutagenisis modeling
  298583 Jul  7 ./molbio/mac/aligner.hqx  -- align dna, update
  802811 Jul  7 ./molbio/mac/dnastack.hqx -- sequence analysis, update
   50615 Jul 20 ./molbio/mac/hyperpcr.hqx -- optimal temp for PCR

  194692 Jul  4 ./util/mac/jpeg-view-10.hqx -- view JPEG format pictures
   26105 Jul 14 ./util/mac/sdsc_imagetyper.hqx -- change mac file types
   18654 Jul 15 ./util/slip/mac.slip.review   -- use of SLIP on mac
  373094 Jul  9 ./util/gopher/gopherapp/gopherapp.hqx -- gopher program update
    3795 Jul 15 ./util/gopher/date+size.patch 
	                -- add dates & times display to gopher server
    5386 Jul 16 ./util/gopher/whois.patch 
			-- add use of whois to unix gopher client

Also note: the Bionet, Sci.Bio and Info-gcg newsgroups have been
archived here daily (in /usenet) since December 1991, and are available for 
reading via Internet Gopher.  They still need to be reformatted and indexed
for searching via gopher...one of these days.

Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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