REFERENCE managing program needed

Warren L Kovach wlk at aber.ac.uk
Mon Jul 20 08:58:59 EST 1992

In article <eric.711387071 at bcserv> eric at bcserv.wustl.edu (Hugo (Eric R.)) writes:
>dagrawal at black.clarku.edu (Dileep Agrawal) writes:
>:I am in need of a program that can store and sort out scientific referencesas
>: well as download them into scientific papers in various word processors.
> Thon de Boer responds:
>>There is a very nice commercial program for the Mac called EndNote plus.
>There is also a 80x86 (PC) version by the same name plus a companion pgm
>called Endlink for Medline, BRS, Dialog, etc. imports from what I've seen
>it looks very nice.           Sincerely,       Eric

Does anyone know if EndNote itself (or even the EndLink companion program)
can import from dBase files?  I suppose I could write a proglet to convert
database files to something similar to Medline format, but I'd rather not!
I'd also rather not have to buy the companion program!

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