REFERENCE managing program needed

Dr. David Curtis dcurtis at crc.ac.uk
Tue Jul 21 05:42:41 EST 1992

There is a DOS program for this which I use called REFLIST, early
versions of which are shareware. However I gather the most up to date
version is now only available commercially, though as far as I remember
the registration fee was only in the region of 30$. It does what it says
it does, but the problems I found with it is that it does no store
abstracts and it is rather tedious to enter new data. For these reasons
I actually store all my references in DBase III format using another
Shareware program called PC-File, and then export them to Reflist as
required. I have written little programs that convert from Medline and
one or two other programs into the correct format for PC-File, so that I
can download useful references complete with abstracts from Medline and
then add them to the database where they can be searched for and
browse through. It works for me.

I enclose below a note about Reflist. I imagine it should be findable in
various archives (I got it from one in England). If people are seriously
interested in getting the PC-File header and report files and conversion
programs then let me know and I will see about making them available.

Dave Curtis

Academic Department of Psychiatry,    Janet:       dcurtis at UK.AC.CRC
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REFLIST is a program for the IBM PC and compatible computers.  It
performs  the  following  tasks  for authors  of  scientific  and
technical manuscripts:

--   REFLIST reads a text file and finds  the  citations to other

--   It draws the references out of a Master File and formats the
     reference list according to the style requirements of almost
     any journal.

--   It  can  return to the text file and replace  the  citations
     with the appropriate numbers.


Dave Curtis

Academic Department of Psychiatry,    Janet:       dcurtis at UK.AC.CRC

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