Molecular Graphics on PCs

Tue Jul 21 12:56:00 EST 1992

        Like many others, I'm amazed by the performance/price ratios of the
i486-based PCs. Three years ago, I was a fan of the Macintosh and
considered the PCs with some condescencion. Now I'm changing my mind. Even
the monstruous MS-Windows is quite fast!
        Well, we need here a graphics system to *visualize* protein
structures. Not edit them and perform huge calculations. Just visualize in
a comfortable environment. We thought of a SGI Indigo machine. But now...
        Does anyone know a good molecular graphics package for the PC,
running -for example- under MS-Windows or SCO Unix (X-Windows) ? Can be
commercial if necessary.
        Thank you.
J-L. Risler                                     Bionet at frcgm51.bitnet
Centre de Genetique Moleculaire                 Risler at frcgm51.bitnet
91190 Gif sur Yvette   France

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