Graphics on PCs

Wed Jul 22 13:36:00 EST 1992

        Following my request for a molecular graphics package for PCs, I've
received some answers (my thanks to Harry Mangalam) that directed me to
HyperChem. I FTP'ed the demo from D. Gilbert's server. The file name is
        I therefore assume that it is a Zip-encoded file. Well, how do I
de-zip it ? Please excuse my stupidity.
        As regards R. Doelz's reply about molecular graphics:
1) I don't understand the "eight bits" point. As far as I know, the i486
   machines are genuine 32 bits computers ?
2) The price is not as high as stated. We've bought last week the following
        * i486-DX2 processor @ 50MHz with coprocessor
        * 8 Mb RAM
        * 5"1/4 and 3"1/2 floppy units
        * 250 Mb hard disk
        * 17" high resolution color monitor (1280x1024)
        * MS-Dos 5, MS-Windows 3.1 and mouse
        for 27,000 FF (approximately $ 5,000)
        Here in France, we need at least three times this amount to get the
basic minimal configuration of an SGI Indigo ... which, admittedly, is not
a PC and has tremendous graphics capabilities if not basic and minimal.
        Well, in any case, I hope to be able to run the HyperChem demo on
that machine. I'll post the results on the net.
J-L. Risler                                     Bionet at frcgm51.bitnet
Centre de Genetique Moleculaire                 Risler at frcgm51.bitnet
91190 Gif sur Yvette   France

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