Scientific Documentation: Captured Video Images

Tom Branham, Biophysics Grad. Brandeis branham at binah.cc.brandeis.edu
Wed Jul 22 17:42:54 EST 1992

Funny You should ask today, as I just saw a post in the scientific image
processing forum this afternoon for TimWin which is an image processing
program that also supports frame grabbing.  you do need a pc running windows
for this program, but there are others if that is a problem.  Otherwise
you will probably only need the video source (can be a camcorder, ccd,
cable or vcr) and a frame grabber (many of the new cards provide full
scale real time video support)which is likely to have software of its own
with it.  If you are looking for TimWin (and it is likely the authors could
tell you more about what you might need) You can find it at the anonymous
ftp site ftp.cica.indiana.edu and also at (Sorry I do not
have the address for ftp.cica or the name for 130.161, but I only wrote
myself a short little note..........)  The author of this package was
ekkers at ph.tn.tudelft.nl and seemed to indicate he would like as much 
feedback as possible, so I would contact him for advice as to what might
be most apropos for what you want to do.....
                                         .....Tom Branham

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