Macaw and saving color screen output

Mark S. Strom strom at u.washington.edu
Tue Jul 28 11:22:45 EST 1992

There's been a number of articles posted recently on Macaw, but none seem to 
touch on the problem described below.

I've recently tried out Macaw 1.05 using Windows 3.1 for sequence alignment 
of several related proteins.  I really like the color schematic and 
alignments it gives-in fact, I like it so much I want to make 
color slides/transparencies of a set for a presentation.  However, this 
doesn't seem to be easily done.  The only way to export a file (that I can 
see) is as a text file.  Does anyone know how the screen output could be 
imported into a graphics program such as Harvard Graphics?  I know there 
are commercial screen capture programs for Windows that might do this, but 
I'm a little short of cash right now  8^). 

I have written to Greg Schuler at NCBI for the manual, and maybe this is 
explained in there, but I thought I'd give this newsgroup a shot too.  
Thanks to all who may be able to help. 

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