Reference Managing Program for Mac: EndNote vs. RefMan

Keith Elliston elliston at msdrl.com
Tue Jul 28 13:01:24 EST 1992

gene at JMULLINS.STANFORD.EDU (Eugene Shpaer) writes:
: I have been using Reference Manager (RefMan) program for several years and
: recently switched to EndNote+ (both running on Mac).
: My judgement is that the EndNote is *significantly* better than RefMan.  The
: nice feature of EndNote+ is that it has so called "plug-in" module and one can
: run the program as a "tool" to Microsoft Word 5.0 (but not earlier versions).
: Address: (EndNote)
: Niles & Assoc.
: 2000 Hearst Str.,
: Berkeley, CA 94709 USA
: Gene
: P.S. I have no association with Niles & Assoc., except as a user of their
: product.

I also use EndNote+.  I have used it since 1.0, and have found that 1.2 is 
a great product.  It lets you tailor the fields and styles to suit your needs.
I keep an extra field for the label on the reference, and place a consequetive
number in this field and stamped on my reference.  I then file all references
by this number.  I can then easily search for a key reference, look at the
label number, and pull the reference from my files.  Works very well.

It also has a very nice import function (EndLink), to import references from
MEdline and others.  I recommend it.

Keith Elliston

ps.  I too have no affiliation with Niles & Assoc..

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