Macaw and saving color screen output

Robert Coelen robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.oz.au
Tue Jul 28 22:44:48 EST 1992

In article <strom.42 at u.washington.edu> strom at u.washington.edu (Mark S. Strom) writes:
>There's been a number of articles posted recently on Macaw, but none seem to 
>touch on the problem described below.
>I've recently tried out Macaw 1.05 using Windows 3.1 for sequence alignment 
>of several related proteins.  I really like the color schematic and 
>alignments it gives-in fact, I like it so much I want to make 
>color slides/transparencies of a set for a presentation.  However, this 
>doesn't seem to be easily done.  The only way to export a file (that I can 
>see) is as a text file.  Does anyone know how the screen output could be 
>imported into a graphics program such as Harvard Graphics?  I know there 
>are commercial screen capture programs for Windows that might do this, but 
>I'm a little short of cash right now  8^). 
>I have written to Greg Schuler at NCBI for the manual, and maybe this is 
>explained in there, but I thought I'd give this newsgroup a shot too.  
>Thanks to all who may be able to help. 
Mark, anything you can show on a screen in Windows 3.1 is capable of
being captured as a bitmap. I haven't got the details here right now,
but I'll follow it up with a post tomorrow. BTW Aldus Persuasion or
MS Powerpoint are great for making color slides for talks !

Robert Coelen
Dept of Microbiology
University of Western Australia

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