Contig assembly software- request for comments

Littlejohn Tim little at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Wed Jul 29 14:13:02 EST 1992

Contig assembly software: request for comments 

Our group will be generating large amounts of DNA sequence
data in the near future.  We are evaluating a number of 
contig assembly programs for management of sequence projects,
but have not yet discovered one that suits our needs. 

I would be most grateful for any comments on contig assembly
software that people may have to offer.  Specifically I would
appreciate comments on:

1.	operating environment (hardware and operating system);
2.	input data format;
3.	maximum size of each gel reading;
4.	maximum size of project (length of finally assembled consensus
5.	price and availability of both binary and source codes.
6.	general feelings on speed, ease of use, etc.

Thanks!  Please email me any responses; I will post a summary of replies
to the net. 

Tim Littlejohn

email: little at ere.umontreal.ca

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