Kinemages for PC?

Tod Klingler klingler at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 29 14:51:51 EST 1992

In <1992Jul29.134725.29791 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> Roman.Jerala at yu.ijs writes:
>My question is whether there is a version
>of kinemage program for DOS or UNIX based computers (like SGI) or perhaps
>even Macintosh emulator for PC.  

I just saw the DOS version of MAGE at the Protein Society meeting in San
Diego, but I didn't play with it since I'm Macintosh-based.  Jane Richardson
was there and said it was just one week old.  They still want to do some
debugging before releasing it, though.

In the June issue of Protein Science:  "We are hard at work on a PC version
of MAGE, running under Microsoft Windows 3, which we hope will be finished
and available by fall.  It will use the same kinemage files, including all
the ones published so far.  In the meantime, you can look at everything
else on the Diskette Appendix (text files, references, abstracts,
coordinates, tables, etc.) on a PC, if you do a simple translation into
DOS files.  Except for the MAGE and PREKIN applications, all other files on
the disketes are plain ASCII text files."

In the July issue of Protein Science:  "DOS-compatible diskettes will be
produced and distributed as soon as MAGE graphics software for Microsoft
Windows has been perfected."

Tod Klingler
Stanford University

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