Wed Jul 29 20:03:39 EST 1992

Greeting all . . .

Please excuse any cross-listing that occurs from this message as 
I have sent it out to several different nets.

The situation is this:
I have the need to translate latitude/longitude coordinants into 
easting/northing coordinants.  I have a program that completes 
the job nicely for the United States (COORDS83 ver. 1.0, Gerald 
Willis Mahun, 8616 Fairway Pl., Middleton, WI  53562), but I find 
a need for translation of Canadian coordinants (specifically Manitoba 
at the moment, but that may change by tomorrow - or perhaps it has 
already changed, I'm just unaware of it - the stuff flowing down-
hill theory you know)!

Is there, or rather, where is there a program that can do lat/long 
into easting/northing translations for Canadian locations?  I am 
extremely open to suggestions.  Please post replies directly to me, 
and I will summarize the replies I receive to the net in about a 
week or so.  We have availability to many different computers, so 
advice for programs designed for different systems will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Art Smith

Wildlife Ecology Department
226 Russell Labs
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI  53706
voice: (608) 265-2665
e-mail: aesmith at calshp.cals.wisc.edu

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