PDB files and manipulating them on a MSDOS machine

Hugo Eric R. eric at bcserv.wustl.edu
Thu Jul 30 05:56:21 EST 1992

Greetings netters,
     My boss (Dr. Carl Frieden) just returned from the Protein
Society meetings in San Diego with an interesting acquisition.
He handed us a CD-ROM disk with the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank
on it. This has prompted us into getting a CD-ROM drive for our
486 machine.  What I would like to know is there any software out
there (public domain, commercial, source code) for viewing and manipulating
these data files on the PC. In the past we've been forced to use SGI
machines in another lab to mess around with PDB files but it would
be very nice if we could do something with them on our PC.  Please
email any suggestions, I will post a summary.   Thanks  ;-{) Eric
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  Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics|                
  Washington University School of Medicine      |               
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