PDB files and manipulating them on a MSDOS machine

Thu Jul 30 10:25:26 EST 1992

> Greetings netters,
>      My boss (Dr. Carl Frieden) just returned from the Protein
> Society meetings in San Diego with an interesting acquisition.
> He handed us a CD-ROM disk with the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank
> on it. This has prompted us into getting a CD-ROM drive for our
> 486 machine.  What I would like to know is there any software out
> there (public domain, commercial, source code) for viewing and manipulating
> these data files on the PC. In the past we've been forced to use SGI
> machines in another lab to mess around with PDB files but it would
> be very nice if we could do something with them on our PC.  Please
> email any suggestions, I will post a summary.   Thanks  ;-{) Eric
> --
>   Eric R. Hugo, Postdoctoral Research Associate |eric at bcserv.wustl.edu
>   Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics|
>   Washington University School of Medicine      |
>   Box 8231, St. Louis, MO 63110_________________| (314) 362-3342

I have been using a shareware version of PCMODEL.  Check previous
messages regarding availability.  Included are two sample files
for chymotrypsin and B-DNA obtained from the PDB.  They can be
viewed quite effectively with a 486, less so with a 386SX and
poorly with an 8088.  What I have not been able to find out is
whether a program to convert PDB format to PCMODEL format is
available.  The main difficulty is generating a connect table.

There are also two versions of PCMODET, one a shareware version
and the other distributed by Gilbert at Indiana.  His version
does not have a conversion program.  I awaiting a response from
the author of the shareware program.

Jim Cassatt

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