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In article <1992Jul31.143605.18041 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, ray at uk.ac.le ("Dr R. Dalgleish") writes:
|> Has anybody any information about the database query program XQS? I believe
|> that it is a UNIX replacement for the PSQ package from NBRF. Can anybody help
|> with more info?
|> Thanks,
|> Raymond Dalgleish.

XQS was the successor for PSQ/NAQ by providing the ability to address multiple
databases simultaneously. Still, the current XQS version is VMS bound. 

XQS is copyrightes software from NBRF/ PIR International.

I forwarded your question to PIR international in Munich, so you might 
get an update on the current software products available for UNIX, VMS, PCs


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