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In article <199207010426.AA17004 at alsys1.aecom.yu.edu>, ness at aecom.yu.edu (Seth Ness) writes:
>i'm looking for a program that does restriction mapping, but with a twist.
>every program i've looked at will generate a restriction map and show you
>fragments sizes etc. i'd like to input a size range and a certain specific
>segments to include and have the program tell me what enzymes to cut with
>to get that fragment. (this is for subcloning). i'd prefer a Mac program and
>public domain program if possible. also if this can be done on the GCG program
>i have access to that.
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You can do something vaguely similar to this with GCG, depending upon
precisely what you need to do. With GCG programs like Map or Mapsort
you can Exclude a certain region, i.e. have the program tell you
all enzymes which cut a fragment of DNA but will not cut within a certain
specified segment. This way you only need to look at enzymes cutting in
the flanking region (I assume this is what you need). You can further reduce
the trash by specifying MINCUT or MAXCUT or whatever is appropriate to your

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