Rick Westerman westerm at aclcb.purdue.edu
Thu Jul 2 10:26:35 EST 1992

This message is a request for GCG-based software to manipulate the
TFD (transcriptional factors database).

     Aside #1: My apologies to anyone seeing this message multiple times. It
     is being sent to two mailing lists and one NetNews group.

The TFD appears to have a lot more information in it than the GCG package 
(version 7, VMS) uses. Specifically, the GCG package only uses a reformatted 
file of the TFD "sites" data. The other TFD data ("polypeptides","clones",
"domains","references") are not used. Thanks to Blane & Weise of the 
Univeristy of Georgia, there is now a program ("tfd4gcgmotifs") that 
reformats the "sites" data into something that the Motifs program can
use; this is much more useful than using the Find program.

    Aside #2: Blane and/or Weise. Please send me your email address.

But there still doesn't seem to be any easy way to use the rest of the TFD.
I looked, via anonymous FTP, on ftp.bio.indiana.edu and ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
to no avail.

My question: is there a GCG-compatible program to manipulate the *entire* TFD?


-- Rick

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