Medical Archives available via anonymous FTP

Eric Meininger ericm at css.itd.umich.edu
Thu Jul 2 11:22:12 EST 1992


The Mac Archives at University of Michigan is pleased to announce a new
collection area for medicine and the health sciences.

Currently, the collection is small - I am gradually adding the contents of  
the AMSA public domain software library, but these files are a few years  
old. I am seeking any Macintosh programs, utilities, demonstrations, or  
computer aided  instruction related to the health sciences. If you have  
been developing any  type of Macintosh medical software and would like to  
make it available to the rest of the world, send it to us! I believe this  
is the only collection of its type, help us to make it the best!

You can use ftp to get to these archives (anonymous login, any password).
There are currently no restrictions, but for load management reasons,  
limits  may be imposed in the future. The medical directory is located on
mac.archive.umich.edu (currently in /mac/etc/medical.

If you are using AFS (Andrew File System) you can get to the archive
directory with: 
        cd /afs/umich.edu/group/itd/archive/mac/etc/medical

Currently, the medical section of the archives is being maintained by
myself, Eric Meininger (ericm at umich.edu), a medical student attending the
University of Michigan Medical School. If you have any comments or  
suggestions, don't hesitate to send a message.


The best way to get files to our archive is to ftp-put them into the
incoming directory, then e-mail ericm at umich.edu and let him 
know that you've placed a file.  This way he'll know there are health  
science files waiting  within the directory, and also who to contact if  
the files don't work "as advertised".  
Another way is to e-mail the file to ericm at umich.edu.  It works
just as well.


Unlike other Internet "Mac" archives, we test each and every one of the
files that appears in our "incoming" directory and in our mailboxes  
addressed to mac.archive.  We use the most-up-to-date virus detection  
inits and control panels (Disinfectant, Gatekeeper, etc.) to insure that  
the files that we add to the archive are not carrying anything that can  
harm your Macintosh  and your (and our) work.  We also make these public  
domain/shareware virus detection packages available to you as fast as we  
receive them in our "utilities/virus" directory.

 * Questions, Problems and comments regarding the medical archive
 * specifically should be sent to ericm at umich.edu. General mac.archive
 * questions should be sent to comments at mac.archive.umich.edu 

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