tiff file conversion of Molecular Dynamics Images

Ken Krauter ksk at ksksun.bioc.aecom.yu.edu
Thu Jul 2 14:41:09 EST 1992

Has anyone written a simple script to convert the virtually useless 16-bit Molecular Dynamics Tiff
images produced by their scanners to an 8-bit format?  I am not a raster image programer so I do
not comprehend the vagueries of Sam Lefflers libtiff functions.  However, there is a very nice 
program in his package which reads a TIFF image and copies it back in a different format.  All one needs
to do is convert each 16-bit word into an 8-bit word (i.e. word/256??).   MD supplies a PC routine to do
this however it is SLOWWWWWW.  I would rather run it on my SUN.  Thanks in advance.


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