Protein structure prediction

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In article <242 at cucrd0.med.columbia.edu>, ferenc at cucrd0.med.columbia.edu (Dr. Ferenc Czegledy) writes:
>  There are many algorithms available for protein secondary structure
>prediction.  I am particularly interested in obtaining a program called
>AMPHI which I recetly read about (Jahnig, F : Structure prediction of 
>for membrane proteins. in "Prediction of Protein Structure and the Princ-
>iples of Protein Conformtion", ed. Fasman, GD, Plenum Press, New York,
>1989).  If anyone knows how to obtain this program please let me know(e.g. ftp).
>If anyone knows how to obtain other programs for predicting amphipathic
>structures (e.g. by Fourier analysis) I would be also be interested in 

Jaehnigs program AMPHI is available from ftp.embl-heidelberg.de and 
probably from a lot of other places. His method is also included into
the more general protein analysis program PROFILEGRAPH, which has a special
focus on detection of amphipathic structures and can apply several methods for
doing so.
PROFILEGRAPH is available from the following places:


or by FTP from

FTP.BIO.INDIANA.EDU        or from a lot of other bio-FTP sites

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