Can you index the indecies ?

ww40 William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Mon Jul 6 21:48:00 EST 1992

G'day all,

I have recently taken the bull by the horns and started to
explore GOPHER and it's bridge into WAIS and find it a great
resource. However as a non-programmer I don't really have a
good grasp of the underlying structure of these systems, so this
may be an impossible suggestion but could, for example, a WAIS
index of all the WAIS and/or gopher holes be set up so
that, when you know the kind of information you are looking for,
and don't want to search pseudo-randomly from hole to hole trying
to remember where you last came across something appropriate, you
enter a few keywords and *hay presto* a short list of matches
appears before your eyes ???  My apologies if this already exists
and I have yet to find it !!!


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