Draft of text for Sources instructions.

Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Thu Jan 2 19:30:00 EST 1992

>SHAR/UNSHAR causes many noses to sniff the air and exclaim what is this??)

        Note that Gene-Server at bchs.uh.edu now does a Unix SHARing if you
request more than one program file in a message to that server.

        An UNSHAR for VMS is available on the server (I don't see any for the
other operating systems).  It will successfully break out the SHAR set, but
gives error messages for some of the lines in Dan's headers.

        The SHAR.LZH in pub/msdos/utilities/filutl on nic.funet.fi is portable
across MSDOS, VMS, ULTRIX, CPM and AMIGA (if you change the #define MSDOS at
the top of SHAR.C to one of the other four operating systems) and with the -u
qualifier will break our Dan's SHAR sets without error messages from his
headers.  Nic.funet.fi also has an UNSHAR for MACs, but I haven't tried it.

        Perhaps it would be a good idea to put a version that works perfectly
with Dan's SHAR sets in each operating system's directory on the Gene-Server,
and/or in the Starter Kit for bionet.software.sources.  I'll submit ZOOed &
EMBL-UUEncoded sets for VMS and DOS to software-sources at genbank.bio.net.

>If we wait for a "sources" only newsgroup to take off... it may take for ever.
>There is not the volume. If we put up uuencoded binaries, a steady input
>could be expected.

        My guess is that bionet.software.sources hasn't taken off as much as
we had hoped because it doesn't have a corresponding BIOSCI list, and email is
still a (the?) major vector for distribution of the bionet/BIOSCI forums.
Since Rob, as moderator, can make sure that submissions have a short ASCII
README followed by the actual submissions with EMBL-UUEncoding, and since the
EMBL-UUDecoder does now deal with every know corruption at gateways, perhaps
we should reconsider creating a BIOSCI list for .sources.

>Let me know what you want, and how you want it.

        I want to extend KUDOS to Dan, Dave, Don, Rainer and Rob.


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