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In article <1992Jan2.195824.11146 at dartvax.dartmouth.edu>,
Robert.H.Gross at dartmouth.edu (Robert H. Gross) writes:

> I am interested in setting up the Transcription Factor Database at
> Dartmouth for use by the approximately 150-200 molecular biology
> researchers here. I have downloaded the necessary files (I think:) in
> ASCII format along with the associated documentation. Dartmouth has a
> site license for the Macintosh relational database application called
> FileMaker Pro and I would like to import the ASCII data into FileMaker
> Pro.
> Has anyone else done this? Can anyone give me some guidance? Are there
> other programs specifically created to deal with TFD (on the Mac)? How
> does one utilize the "pointer" data?
> Bob Gross
> Dartmouth Biology and Molecular Genetics Center
> bob.gross at dartmouth.edu

One important consideration is that FileMaker Pro is not a relational
database.  It is considered to be a flat-file database with some
(pseudo) relational capabilities although I understand that a
relational version is in the works.  

If you get a good explanation of how to use the "pointer" data and/or
get a FileMaker Pro version, please do post.  Good luck!

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