NCBI Contributed CDROM

Scott Federhen federhen at wisp.nlm.nih.gov
Fri Jan 3 13:47:29 EST 1992

*                  NCBI Contributed CDROM Distribution

    A number of groups have requested that NCBI produce a CDROM which
contains databases and software that are not directly part of NCBI projects
and which do not have current resources devoted to distribution such as
the major sequence databases do.

    We propose to produce such a CDROM.  If you wish to have your database
(and software tools as appropriate) on the CDROM, send email to:

    federhen at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

 or mail to:

    Contributed Cdrom
    Bldg 38A, NIH
    8600 Rockville Pike
    Bethesda, MD  20894

which presents who you and your group are, what you would like on the CDROM,
an estimate of the community and number of people who would use your
contribution, an estimate of your space requirements now and over the next
two years, the hardware/software requirements for those who would like
to use any software you provide, and the frequency with which you normally
update your data.

    Applications will be reviewed by a panel of scientists for merit, then
as many as fit on a CDROM will be accepted.

    The procedure for producing the CDROM will be as follows:

1) Each successful applicant will be given an ftp account at NCBI.  The
    contributor is responsible for keeping the data in this account up to
    date and ensuring its integrity (presumably just by uploading, then
    downloading and testing your contribution).

2) At a specified date, whatever is in the contributed ftp accounts will be
    taken and put on the next CDROM.

3) NCBI will advertise and distribute the CDROM.

4) Each contributor must provide sufficient documentation in electronic form
    in their ftp account to enable people to use their contribution.  Each
    contributor must provide a way for users to contact them with questions.
    NCBI cannot provide user support for the contributed materials.

5) The list of contributors will be reviewed annually.

    Initially we propose to produce this CDROM once every six months.  Please
present us with any evidence in your proposal that this should be more or
less frequent.

  As a side effect of having an ftp account for maintaining your contributed
data, you are part of the NCBI data repository, which means your data is
also available for anonymous ftp at any time.  Whether you participate in
the CDROM distribution or not, you may request space in the data repository
to maintain ftp'able data.

Scott federhen at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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