VMS NEWS v1.20

Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Sun Jan 5 09:19:22 EST 1992

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*>From: ONASCH at iravcl.ira.uka.de (Bernd Onasch)
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*>Subject: VMS NEWS 1.20 now available
*>Message-ID: <kmcpm4INNpt5 at iraul1.ira.uka.de>
*>Date: 5 Jan 92 02:00:36 GMT
*>Organization: University of Karlsruhe, FRG (Informatik Rechnerabteilung)
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VMS NEWS is a VAX/VMS fullscreen news-reader (nntp-client) with TCP/IP support
for CMU/tek, Excelan (EXOS), MultiNet (TGV), Process Software, DEC's UCX and
Wollongong (TWG). DECnet support for ANU NEWS is implemented too, but not tested
so far.

VMS NEWS is a fully VMSlike NEWSreader - NOT a unix-like NEWSreader.
There are no compatibility modes to rn or any special handlings for native
unix users :-).

Some features are: - full screen mode (allowing scrolling)
                   - all functions are accessible with cursor keys and keypad
                     keys as well as on typed commands in DCL style.
		   - programmable (keypad-) functions
		   - integrated help and mail facility
		   - stupid (the others, of course ;-) ) proofed syntax-checking
		     POST mechanism
		   - various editor support
		     e.g. EDT, TPU/EVE and LSE (callable)

VMS NEWS needs a SMG supported terminal (normally DEC VT terminal) for
interactive usage, but runs also in a special batch mode.

VMS NEWS comes as a selfextracting, selfcompiling (needs a VAX C Compiler,
V2.4-3.1) VMS_SHARE file. It is not necessary to install it with special
privileges. It  runs very stable and I had no crash within the last months
on any site reporting me test runs.

VMS NEWS is available via anonymous ftp from:



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