'EXPRESS' -- stolen program

Joe Ratcatcher joe at smena.russia.msk.su
Mon Jan 6 20:48:00 EST 1992

                Dear Sirs!

Excuse me for my interference.
I am offended.

In October, 1991 the program called 'EXPRESS' came in USA.
THe program defines 'functional state of organism by analisys of cardial
rhythm' (not cardiogram).

Man who sells it, Alexander D. Riftin is neither author nor owner of this

The program 'EXPRESS' is made by small group of
 mathematical specialist,
 hardware engineer,
 programmer (it's me),
 and biologist (Riftin) who has also functions of organizer.

The idea of the program is old and belongs to Baievsky.
A. Riftin really made the idea better, and contributed to the program much,
but all the rest made not less. He sold the program in Russia (all of us are
Russians) for a long time, took almost all the money for himself and promised
MUCH money to us but later.
It was our fault - there were no official papers on this work.

Now he sells the program in USA as HIS program and we cannot reach him from

Probably we could sell it ourselves but our office is cancelled. Riftin didn't
pay for it. And even more -- when ran away he took with him some hardware.
Owner of the office and hardware was very angry when he realized that there
will be NO money, NO hardware.

Riftin phoned me few times from Alaska when he tryed to localize an error.
He said 'I'll pay, I'll pay if you help'. He didn't.

I got for this program (3500 lines on Pascal) appr. 10000 roubles (about
US$300). When we began the work Riftin promised 15% of incom and many other
good things.
All others didn't get their money too.

Well, DON'T BUY EXPRESS! If you need it, I'll send (sell) it to you, I'll send
more new, exact and convenient version (we continue the work).

If you have one, return it to Riftin, get money back and I'll send the new
version for half of the money .

                   HE'S LIAR!

Excuse me for my bad English,
          waiting for your kind reply,
                                  A. Lebedev.

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