Unix PC's

Darwin Alonso ftjcl at acad3.alaska.edu
Mon Jan 6 01:37:11 EST 1992

I am looking for information about how people have liked running
the various Unix operating systems on 386 clones. 
Does it always feel like a cludge, 
or can you kind of forget that you are working on a PC.
I realize this is dependent on the Unix implementation. 
I am not really asking about the differences
between Unix operating systems**, rather can any of the Unix OSs work
right on a 386 or 486? 

My alternative to getting a cheap 386 clone (about $1.5K for all 
the hardware),
is waiting, saving and splurging to get a Sun or Next standalone ($3-4K).

Many Thanks,

Darwin O.V. Alonso                     alonso at maxwell.mmwb.ucsf.edu  
University of Alaska, Fairbanks (907) 455-9057  ftjcl at acad3.alaska.edu

**The Unix systems I am considering (from bionet.software winter 91)

Good Commercial (or so I understand):

Cheap Commercial (or less, or so I guess): 

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