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David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Mon Jan 6 21:29:57 EST 1992


	The thought of running a mailing list that fills up mailboxes
in the U.K. and elsewhere after ***every single posting*** sends
shudders down my spine.  This would be an administrative nightmare
given the current disk space limitations on many systems.  If you can
come up with a good solution to this (i.e., having to continually
remove addresses from the mailing lists and reinstate them later) then
we can possibly put this proposal out to a vote.  This also raises the
prospect of LISTSERV bouncers casuing loops, etc., ugh!!  By simply
encouraging people to use the existing servers, we avoid this problem
because people will be actively looking for the software that they
requested by return e-mail and will not let things pile up.  I realize
that this limits active distribution of software to some extent, but
you're asking for a lot of extra work to achieve this openness in
addition to the risks of malfunctions due to system/network overloads.


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