Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Tue Jan 7 09:23:22 EST 1992

Here is a note from Timo Salmi the moderator at Garbo regarding a mail
user interface for PC's If PCelm is as good as the UNIX ELM then I should say
it is a must for folks with PC's

******************* CLIP *************************
> Hello Timo,
> I have uploaded to pc/incoming:
> PCELM301.ZIP, replacement for PCELM30.ZIP.
> Please remove PCELM30.ZIP from the archive. Version 3.01 has fixes for
> all known bugs, which were reported up to Jan. 1, 1992. This includes
> the famous "empty mailbox bug", which bothered most users of 3.0.
> Quoting from the documentation:
>     PCElm is a mail user agent (UA) with a user interface closely
>     modeled after the USENET ELM. To avoid confusion, we would like to
>     mention that PCElm and USENET ELM are *not* related.
>     PCElm is intended to be used as a drop-in replacement for BM when
>     using the KA9Q NOS package or as a replacement for mail.exe when
>     using UUPC. It can also be used for other mailsystems, as all relevant
>     things for compatibility with MTA's (Message Transfer Agents) are
>     configurable.
>     Hilights:
>     PCElm has a nice user interface, with easy to learn and easy to use
>     commands. UN*X users will already be familiar with the more important
>     commands. It can be made to work with just about every mail system
>     there is for PC's, as PCElm makes no assumptions at all about the
>     underlying network software. Finally, PCElm is multilingual; you can
>     make all messages appear in your favorite language. Message files
>     for English and German currently exist.
> Thanks for your work for the community,
> Wolfgang
> --
> /* you are not expected to understand this. */ (From Unix Version 6 source)
>  siebeck at infoac.rmi.de    Wolfgang Siebeck
> wsiebeck at rmi.rmi.de       P.O.Box 15 26     Fax: +49+241+47997-77
>     root at atreju.rmi.de    D-W-5100 Aachen   TTx: 241-4024 BOX

Thank you Wolfgang.  Your upload is now available as

68650 Jan 5 00:07 garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/mail/pcelm301.zip

   All the best, Timo

Prof. Timo Salmi
Moderating at garbo.uwasa.fi anonymous ftp archives
School of Business Studies, University of Vaasa, SF-65101, Finland
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