Recent msdos uploads to SIMTEL20 (28-Dec-91 and 6-Jan-92) (fwd)

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Tue Jan 7 12:33:58 EST 1992

Forwarded message:

The following files have been recently uploaded to SIMTEL20
(between 28-Dec-91 and 6-Jan-92):
NOTE: Type B is Binary; Type A is ASCII
 Filename   Type Length   Date    Description
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.ARC-LBR>
AC151.ZIP     B   40976  920102  Converts between any two archive types
AM69.ZIP      B  197524  920106  ArcMaster front-end/convert for .ARC/.ZIP/.LZH
SHEZ65.ZIP    B  185404  920106  Shell for archive manipulation, w/virus check
UNDO_20.ZIP   B   11776  920103  Shell opens ARC/ARJ/ZOO/ZIP/PAK/LZH w/1command
WBLK.ZIP      B    1917  920106  Write AutoCAD block reference to specified dir
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BASIC>
BPREP110.ZIP  B   19419  911231  Adds conditionals/includes/defines to BASIC
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BATUTL>
DOMENU13.ZIP  B    6780  911230  Adds window menus to any batch file
BBS0192A.ZIP  B   78119  920106  'THELIST' national BBS list for Jan., 1992
CDISK600.ZIP  B  235573  920106  Disk catalog system also does ARC/PAK/ZIP/LBR
DATETIME.ZIP  B    5829  911230  Set system date/time from within Clipper w/src
JCAL75.ZIP    B   73787  920106  Jewish/Gregorian calendar utilities
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.DSKUTL>
CDLOCK.ZIP    B   32083  920106  Lock Hitachi CD-ROM drive door against eject
CDNAP.ZIP     B   28460  920106  Set 'idle 9min -nap' mode on Hitachi CD-ROM
CDPLAY.ZIP    B   90538  920106  Audio out utilities for Hitachi CD-ROM drives
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.EDITOR>
NJSTAR20.ZIP  B  834800  920106  NJStar Chinese WP v2.0 w/menu & mouse support
CAT0301.ZIP   B   81996  920106  Teachers: Computer Assisted (Tech) testing
DOWNLOAD.INF  A    1474  920102  How to get SIMTEL20 files via telephone modem
SIM9112.IDX   A   21909  920102  Comma-delimited list of December 1991 uploads
SIMCVAX.BAS   A    7109  911230  VAX/VMS BASIC V3.3 pgm to print SIMIBM.IDX
SIMFLT10.ZIP  B   15467  920103  Extract dirs from SIMIBM.IDX,write to new file
SIMIBM.ARC    B  344030  920106  Comma-delim list of all MSDOS files w/descrip.
SIMLIST.ARC   B  304631  920106  Text format list of all MSDOS files w/descrip.
UPLOADS.DEC   A   20488  920102  List of uploads to SIMTEL20 for December 1991
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.FILUTL>
DRX108.ZIP    B   40311  920106  Shell for executable pgm (COM/EXE) compressors
EXPAKFX1.ZIP  B    9454  911230  Fixes 'Packed file is corrupt' EXEPACKed files
FILEZ15.ZIP   B   35682  920106  Binary file editor: hex/ASCII search/translate
HEXED100.ZIP  B   22903  920106  Binary file hex/ascii editor w/insert & delete
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.GIF>
NAKED101.ZIP  B  320320  920106  NakedEye v1.01, SuperVGA GIF viewer (revised)
ALCHMY15.ZIP  B  384567  911231  Targa/EPS/GIF/IFF/PICT/PCX/Sun/TIFF/BMP convrt
DAZE42.ZIP    B  119721  911230  EGA/VGA Keleidoscope. Great colors & patterns
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.INFO>
ASP4801.ZIP   B  278842  911231  Assn. Shareware Professionals product catalog
IFP1P150.ZIP  B  109864  920102  InfoPlus v1.50: 18 screens of system info
IFP1S150.ZIP  B  109406  920102  TP & MASM source code for InfoPlus v1.50
MODER.LST     A    6172  920103  List of MS-DOS FTP site moderators
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.KA9Q-TCPIP>
NET-1229.ARC  B  183031  920103  KA9Q TCP/IP, NOS 911229 version, executable
SRC-1229.ZIP  B  620435  920103  KA9Q TCP/IP, NOS 911229 version, source code
VIEW1212.ZIP  B  380305  911230  Electronic mail program for use w/KA9Q TCP/IP
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.LAN>
POPML230.ZIP  B  154516  911230  POPMail:TCP/IP email, use Clarkson pkt drivers
QVIEW11B.ZIP  B   20611  911230  Multiple print queue monitor for Novell LAN
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.MODEM>
GT1700-1.ZIP  B  129547  920106  GT PowerComm v17.00 (1of6), Documentation
GT1700-2.ZIP  B  184986  920106  GT PowerComm v17.00 (2of6), Terminal&Host mode
GT1700-3.ZIP  B   70033  920106  GT PowerComm v17.00 (3of6), External protocols
GT1700-4.ZIP  B  112057  920106  GT PowerComm v17.00 (4of6), Terminal only vers
GT1700-5.ZIP  B  130354  920106  GT PowerComm v17.00 (5of6), Host Mode docs
GT1700-6.ZIP  B  123688  920106  GT PowerComm v17.00 (6of6), Ext. Protocol Docs
JBHOST51.ZIP  B   13447  920102  Jeff Bishop's host mode macro for {COMMO) v5.1
TM301-1.ZIP   B  191998  920106  TeleMate background comm w/editor v3.01, 1of3
TM301-2.ZIP   B  268678  920106  TeleMate background comm w/editor v3.01, 2of3
TM301-3.ZIP   B  104748  920106  TeleMate background comm w/editor v3.01, 3of3
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.PCMAG>
VOL11N01.ZIP  B   77370  911230  PcMag: ABOUT,INKEY,LN1101,RECOR2,TRACKR,WCTEST
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.QEDIT>
AMAC41G.ZIP   B   94557  911231  Tom Hogshead's QEDIT macros thru 24-Dec-91
QE-GLOSS.ZIP  B    3425  911231  A QEDIT 2.1x macro to expand abbreviations
TSQED14.ZIP   B   23066  920102  Timo Salmi's utilities for QEdit v2.15 editor
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.SCREEN>
SCAP250.ZIP   B   34215  920102  Screen capture utility, all or part of screen
SP10.ZIP      B    2871  911231  Screen-to-keyboard paster, v1.0
SIMTEL20.INF  A   15918  920102  Complete overview of the SIMTEL20 archives
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.SYSUTL>
DEVLOD.ZIP    B   18240  911230  Dynamic load of device drivers after boot-up
EED10.ZIP     B    7415  911230  Easy to use full-screen environment editor
JAMBO10.ZIP   B   11359  911231  Device Driver can increase upper memory
M-M-KIT.ZIP   B  130378  911231  DOS 5 Utilities to optimise upper memory
PF261.ZIP     B   33870  920102  Port Finder: Display info/swap LPT & COM ports
SD-300.ZIP    B  144739  920106  StupenDos v3.0 disk/directory management util.
VMIX267.ZIP   B  178097  911231  Multitasking/multiuser environment for 286/386
WSCANV85.ZIP  B  142967  920106  Windows3 version of McAfee's virus scanner pgm
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.TURBO-C>
TCRES201.ZIP  B   20114  911230  KyCorp's easy to use TSR library for Turbo C
TSTRINGS.ZIP  B    9291  920106  Null terminated strings handling unit for TP6
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.WINDOWS3>
SL-10.ZIP     B   13780  911230  SuperLoad v1.0: Enhances Windows3 run & load
SNAPSH17.ZIP  B   14015  911231  Snapshot v1.7: Windows3 screen capture program
WCRON22D.ZIP  B  195618  920103  Unix's cron-like utility for Windows 3.0/3.1
Directory PD1:<MSDOS.ZIP>
ZLAB-19A.ZIP  B  245243  920102  Ziplab v1.9A; a ZIP file tester for PCBoard
SIMTEL20 files are also available from mirror sites OAK.Oakland.Edu
(, wuarchive.wustl.edu (, ftp.uu.net
(, nic.funet.fi (, src.doc.ic.ac.uk
( or rana.cc.deakin.oz.au (, or by e-mail
through the BITNET/EARN file servers.
If you cannot access them via FTP or e-mail, most SIMTEL20 MSDOS
files, including the PC-Blue collection, are also available for
downloading from Detroit Download Central (313) 885-3956.  DDC
has multiple lines which support 300/1200/2400/9600/14400 bps
(103/212/V22bis/HST/V32bis/V42bis/MNP).  This is a subscription system
with an average hourly cost of 17 cents.  It is also accessable on
Telenet via PC Pursuit and on Tymnet via StarLink outdial.  New files
uploaded to SIMTEL20 are usually available on DDC within 24 hours.
Public, private or corporate institutions and libraries interested
in the SIMTEL20 MSDOS collection in CD-ROM format bundled with
library card-catalog type access and duplication software can contact
Coyote Data, Ltd. by mail at 1142 N. Main, Rochester, MI 48307
or by FAX at (313) 651-4071.
Keith Petersen
Maintainer of the MSDOS, MISC and CP/M archives at SIMTEL20 []
Co-SysOp, Detroit Download Central 313-885-3956 (V22bis/HST/V32bis/V42bis/MNP)
Internet: w8sdz at WSMR-SIMTEL20.Army.Mil    or     w8sdz at vela.acs.oakland.edu
Uucp: uunet!wsmr-simtel20.army.mil!w8sdz              BITNET: w8sdz at OAKLAND

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