Draft of text for Sources instructions.

Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Tue Jan 7 04:59:55 EST 1992

In bionet.software you write:


*>	The thought of running a mailing list that fills up mailboxes
*>in the U.K. and elsewhere after ***every single posting*** sends
*>shudders down my spine.  This would be an administrative nightmare
*>given the current disk space limitations on many systems.  

	When I managed te BioSci lists at Irlearn, the problem of
	DISK QUOTA EXCEEDED was encounted almost every week. It looks 
	like computer centers in the UK only give a limited disk quota
	to their users. If a user does not clean out his mail box, or
	read his mail for a couple of weeks then you get mail bouncing 
	back to	the list. Since sources tend to be large multiple
	postings, I would forsee that a E-mail distribution list
	for sources would create problems for the managers of the BioSci

	I would not be happy with E-mail distribution of sources,
	mainly because I would not like to be held responsible for a
	network meltdown due to looping mail a thousand lines long.


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