Archie v1.3

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Fri Jan 10 02:28:10 EST 1992

********************** CLIP from Comp.archives *********************
 This is the official release of Archie 1.3, a stand-alone client to
access the Archie FTP database.  It's intended to help reduce the
interactive use of the archie server by providing a comfortable,
accessible, and faster method of query.

 Changes since version 1.2 include:

	* further portability, some mistakes worked out; now also runs with UCX
	  TCP/IP under VMS and CUTCP on PCs
	* a few more bug fixes
	* now uses env variable ARCHIE_HOST to override default archie server
	* -L tells ya what the default is
	* VMS build revamped completely
	* includes the two new US servers

 There are now a goodly number of servers available, so no one system
will get hit with the world's use.  They are (as of 01/09/92):

	archie.ans.net (USA [NY])
	archie.rutgers.edu (USA [NJ])
        archie.sura.net (USA [MD])
        archie.mcgill.ca (Canada)
        archie.funet.fi (Finland/Mainland Europe)
        archie.au (Australia/New Zealand)
        archie.doc.ic.ac.uk (Great Britain/Ireland)

 The package will be available in the comp.sources.misc and vmsnet.sources
newsgroups (and, later, their archives), or via anonymous FTP from:

	* ftp.cs.widener.edu [] as pub/archie.tar.Z (unix)
	  or archie-vms.com (VMS DCL .com file)
	* cs.rochester.edu [] as pub/archie-1.3.tar.Z
	* ftp.huji.ac.il [] as pub/archie-clients/c-archie.tar.Z
	  (for Israeli sites mainly)
	* ftp.ans.net [] as pub/archie/clients/c-archie-1.3.tar.Z
	* nic.funet.fi [] in pub/unix/databases/archie as
	* soda.berkeley.edu [] as pub/archie/archie-1.3.tar.Z
	  and pub/archie/archie.com

 Please report any comments, suggestions, fixes, (whether positive or negative)
to brendan at cs.widener.edu.  Enjoy!

Brendan Kehoe, Widener University, Chester, PA
Brendan Kehoe, Sun Network Manager                      brendan at cs.widener.edu
Widener University                                                 Chester, PA

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