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Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Fri Jan 10 11:05:00 EST 1992

>        What I would like is a LIVE [inverse of KILL] file, e.g., so that any
>messages to any of the Usenet forums from HARPER would be forwarded to my
>email account.

>                                       It can actually be done
>with WAIS. You could make up a QUESTION that would scan the BioSci.src
>for authors that you want to follow, or particular topics that are of
>interest to you, and on the MAC set the contact query on DAILY and you
>would get a daily update of writings by a particular author, or messages
>covering a particular subject.

>         That would work in principle, but BioSci.src is updated only once a
> week (on Monday morning).

>We can easily change the frequency of updating the BIOSCI source.
>This was done under the assumption that sites would not expire bionet
>messages immediately or discard from their e-mail recent messages of
>obvious interest.  What update frequency would people like??

        How about a DAILY upgrade?  If it can be done without human
participation, how about scheduling it for midnight (your time zone)?

        The idea is to ensure one captures messages of interest in forums one
normally doesn't read regularly.  If you captured such a message within a day
of its posting and it motivated you to participate in a discussion (not that I
would ever want to 8-), you'd do so with at most a 1-day lag, which wouldn't
be too long such that the subject might have grown stale.


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