Mopac 6.0 anonymous FTP download

Brent H. Besler bbesler at ouchem.chem.oakland.edu
Sun Jan 12 12:17:41 EST 1992

The Mopac 6.0 setup for download on ouchem.chem.oakland.edu(IP has passed the certification tests under DEC Ultrix when
compiled with the version 2.1 Fortran compiler.   The DEC Ultrix version
which should work under any Unix system is in the pub/unix directory.
The  Vax version is in the pub/vax directory.  Both version have the
recent bug fixes listed in the QCPE bulleting incorporated.  Also CHELPG
as obtained from Curt Breneman directly is setup for download in the pub
directory.  The documentaation is in the chelpg.for file.  He has
sactioned the download.

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