planar cylindrical view of DNA

mys at vax5.cit.cornell.edu mys at vax5.cit.cornell.edu
Mon Jan 13 14:34:37 EST 1992

Dear people who know about these things:

Have you heard of a computer program (for VAX, PC, or Mac) that prints out a
planar cylindrical view of a stretch of double stranded DNA?  It would be
convenient to have a program that printed the planar representation (three
parallel lines representing the flattened helix with diagonal lines
representing the repeating strands), and the nucleotide sequence, and, in
addition, had the capacity to insert symbols (open and closed triangles,
squares, etc) to represent the results of footprinting studies. 

If anyone knows of such a program, please contact me at either one of the
two following Internet addresses:
             marty at biovax.tn.cornell.edu
             mys at vax5.cit.cornell.edu

Many thanks for your help!

Martha Schrier
Biotech Computer Facility
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 255-9914

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