'beta-tester' for BOXSHADE/DOS sought

Kay Hofmann KHOFMANN at cipvax.biolan.Uni-Koeln.DE
Mon Jan 13 04:49:56 EST 1992

Hello out there,

  I am looking for someone who is interested in multiple alignments,
uses DOS or VAX/VMS computers and can use of HPGL output files for further
inclusion into graphics programs.

I have now ported BOXSHADE from VAX/VMS to the DOS environment. BOXSHADE
is a public domain program for labeling muliple aligned output files
coming from multiple sequence editors or alignment programs. Sequence 
characters can be given different display styles depending on their similarity.

The last released VAX version could produce output in various output formats 
(VT, PS, EPS, ReGIS etc), now I added HPGL support to  make inclusion of
BOXSHADE output into various graphics programs possible.
With the DOS version, HPGL is used also for printing to various standard
pin/ink/laser printers by means of the shareware program PRINTGL 1.18 
written by C. Ravitz.

Since i can use no graphics program that is able to import HPGL, i would be
interested in someone who could test that feature and reports any errors,
before i release boxshade to the public. HPGL output works fine with PRINTGL
but i am not sure if there are further requirements for HPGL files in order
to be imported into DOS/WINDOWS based graphics packages.

If you are interested and have some time to burn, write me to the address 
given below.

I will announce here, when the DOS version of BOXSHADE will be available.
Thanks a lot,

Kay Oliver Hofmann                        Tel. ++49 201 478 6980
Institut fuer Biochemie (med. Fak.)       FAX  ++49 201 478 6979
Universitaet Koeln
Joseph Stelzmann Str. 52            INTERNET:
D-5000 Koeln 41                     KHOFMANN at cipvax.biolan.uni-koeln.de

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