Bo Servenius, University of Lund, SWEDEN biogen10 at gemini.ldc.lu.se
Thu Jan 16 18:35:31 EST 1992

Hello Netters:

We are in the process of buying a ABI373 sequencer. I have gotten involved
to try to solve some of the computer problems. We realize that we are going
to need an extra Mac to do the followup work regarding editing and distribution
of the sequences.

I have recently heard about the Staden package for sequence analysis and
editing and that it should be very much better than SeqEd. However I am a bit
reluctant to get further one computer system in the house - besides the costs.
Now I have heard that you can run Unix on the Mac (AUX). 

Do any of you have any experience of AUX -  even better experience
in running the staden package on AUX?


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