Aligner 1.0h stack

Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU
Wed Jan 22 10:37:48 EST 1992

I week or two ago I gave an update about new features in my HyperCard 2.x
stack, Aligner, regarding conversion between amino acid and nucleotide
alignments. Since then, I have added another feature which some might
find helpful. 
On Macs that support 256+ color levels, and have plenty of
memory alotted to HyperCard (?about 2.2+ MB), a Color menu
appears which will allow coloring of nucleotide or peptide data.
The ability to color-code nucleotide triplets according to their
coding, with alternative genetic codes supported, is probably
most interesting.  The triplets can also be colored according to
the corresponding amino acid's chemical, functional,
hydrophobic/hydrophilic, and ionic charge groups, rather than
individually. The coloring is still a bit experimental, and is
rather slow, but it presents an interesting view of one's data.
Photographing the screen should be feasible, or use a utility
such as FlashIt to capture the color screen to a PICT file. If
you just need a more standard 4-color display of nucleotide base
pairs, you may find this feature too  slow for convenient use.
Eventually I will also figure out how to display colored fonts
within HyperCard, but this is problematic until the next release
comes out. 
As before the stack is available via anonymous ftp:
ftp to ub.cc.umich.edu
cd gdef
get aligner.hqx  or get dnastack.hqx
the latter will get the entire DNA Translator/Aligner stack package.
They also have been put in the incoming directories of
ftp.bio.indiana.edu and ftp.bchs.uh.edu
Let me know if anyone finds this useful.
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