*Primer programs

Mon Jan 20 21:14:48 EST 1992

/A request was made for a program which will design PCR primers.
/I have included the README file from the PRIMER program available via anonymous
/ftp from genome.wi.edu.  Instructions for obtaining the program on disks are
/included in the appended information.  PRIMER comes with a pretty extensive man
/ual and is pretty user friendly.  I'll leave the rest to the following file.
[Stuff deleted]
/Other files which may be included with specific versions include:
/File              Description
/----              -----------
/primer            PRIMER Executable for Sun SPARCStations
/primer.exe        PRIMER Executable for PC Compatibles
/PRIMER            PRIMER Executable for Macintosh
/PRIMER Manual     PRIMER Manual (Mac Microsoft Word 4.0 Format)
/The PRIMER Manual PRIMER Manual (Macintosh Executable)
/PRIMER README     This Document (Mac Microsoft Word 4.0 Format)
/The PRIMER README This Document (Macintosh Executable)

Are the Macintosh executables and docs available from an FTP site? I don't 
see them on genome.wi.edu, the Indiana server or the U.Houston server.

Steve Clark

clark at salk-sc2.sdsc.edu  (Internet)
clark at salk               (Bitnet)

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