Nigel Walker;351 GPBB;x2-8058 nigel at codon3
Sun Jan 26 19:15:10 EST 1992

In article <9201220004.AA21171 at genbank.bio.net> DANJ at JHUHYG.bitnet (Dan Jacobson) writes:
>Steve Clark mentioned that he couldn't find the Mac executables for primer .
>My guess is that they are probably not availble for fpt.

The README file for Primer states:
->PRIMER is available for free use for non-commercial purposes 
->PRIMER may be freely redistributed to other scientists

So is there an "other scientist" out there willing to put the Mac executables
up for FTP (and tell the rest of us where to find it)?   It would certainly
make my day.

Dan also wrote:
>....perhaps if you write them [the authors] and suggest that they be put on 
>the anon-ftp list they would do so.

Which is of course a very good idea... but it lacks that "instant gratification"we've all come to enjoy so much :-O.

Thank you other scientists.


P.S  I guess I'll write the authors now.

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