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Alan Jennings bss2aj at surrey.ac.uk
Thu Jan 30 11:25:54 EST 1992

Dear All,
	I am writing on behalf of a friend who has recently started in a
new job, involving sequencing. To analyse their sequence they have a package
on a Mac - but there is only one Mac. Consequently it is heavily used.
	He has access to several PC`s, but no software. So my question is,
does anyone know of any PD/Shareware programs that can carry out simple
operations on nucleic acid sequences. The kind of thing he wants is
translation in all three reading frames, simple alignments, and maybe
contig assembly. Then he could carry out simple analysis on a PC,
and make the most of the limited time he can get on the Mac.

	If anyone has any ideas, or knows a program name, and a
FTP site I could obtain it from, I (and he) would be very grateful.

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