Request - looking for UKDNA

Gaye Harvey gaye at uniwa.uwa.oz.au
Thu Jan 30 19:58:35 EST 1992

gaye at uniwa.uwa.oz.au (Gaye Harvey) writes:
: kaye at uniwa.uwa.oz.au (Kaye Stott) wrote
:  >I am looking for the software package UKDNA, used for statistical tests
:  >of molecular phylogenies.
:  >I have a reference to it being available via anonymous ftp from
:  >f.ms.uky.edu, but was unable to locate it at that source. Anyone having
:  >the software or who can supply me with an ftp address from which to get it,
:  >please email me rather than post a response - I am a systems programmer
:  >requesting on behalf of a departmental staff member, and do not subscribe to
:  >this newsgroup at all.
: The departmental staff member has suggested that the reference also be
: posted.
: It was in an article entitled  "Molecular phylogenic relationships of
: nonpathogenic grass mycosymbionts and clavicipitaceous plant pathogens"
: in journal   pl. syst. evol.  178:27-41,  1991 

Many thanks to Raphael Finkel (raphael at ms.uky.edu), one of the co-authors
of the above article, who supplied more detail.  

The program IS on f.ms.uky.edu  -
file: 		UKDNA.tar.Z
directory:	pub/unix

Thank you also to those who offered other forms of assistance (passing
on messages, suggesting alternatives).
Gaye Harvey (User Support)
University Computing Services
The University of Western Australia

Internet: gaye at ucs.uwa.oz.au


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