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>	He has access to several PC`s, but no software. So my question is,
>does anyone know of any PD/Shareware programs that can carry out simple
>	If anyone has any ideas, or knows a program name, and a
>FTP site I could obtain it from, I (and he) would be very grateful.
>		Alan
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                      F    S    A    P
The FSAP (formerly Cornell Sequence Analysis Package) has
proven to be a versatile, reliable, and highly portable suite
of programs for sequence analysis. At the heart of the package
is NUMSEQ, a sequence manipulation program that provides a
large number of options for presentation of sequence data, as
well as facilitating simulation of operations such as translation,
subcloning and ligation. Restriction search programs predict
fragments and ends from single or multiple, complete or parital
digests, and display linear or circular maps. Rapid matrix
similarity searches perform quantititive comparisons of nucleic
acid and protein sequences. Programs for base/amino acid
composition and ORF analysis are also provided. Programs are
compatible with IUPAC-IUB ambiguity conventions, and can read a
wide variety of sequence file formats.

FTP: /var/spool/ftp/pub/psgendb/fsap.tar.Z   at ccu.umanitoba.ca

An MS-DOS version is also available in this directory.
See the README file more information.

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