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Dr Tan Tin Wee bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg
Fri Jan 31 08:16:37 EST 1992

bss2aj at surrey.ac.uk (Alan Jennings) writes:
: new job, involving sequencing. To analyse their sequence they have a package
: on a Mac - but there is only one Mac. Consequently it is heavily used.
: 	He has access to several PC`s, but no software. So my question is,
: 	If anyone has any ideas, or knows a program name, and a
: FTP site I could obtain it from, I (and he) would be very grateful.

I have used SEQAID by D.Roufa and D.Rhoads extensively and even
use it to teach my honours students as well.  Here are some comments
by folks which I pulled out using the biosci.src source  on WAIS
(wonderful stuff). 

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