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Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Tue Feb 4 10:33:40 EST 1992

> Second question.  Rob, a totally un-related question.  From time to time
> you post the results from a wais search giving a listing of folks with
> e-mail addresses in one country or another.  Which wais src are you searching
> that gives you this output?

I have made up a "question" called CONTACT. CONTACT is really a list of 
sources. Some are are on NIC here in Finland and a few are over in the USA
If I demo WAIS to someone I excitedly point to the status line and say

"Look... look... its querying the sources on NIC... now it is jumping across
to the States... this software is opening up tcp/ip connections and querying 
at least 3 or 4 different hosts sequentially... aren't you impressed."

They are dumbfounded rather than impressed. WAIS makes searching different
databases at different nodes so easy that the general impression is... 
"this can not be happening because it is too easy"

Anyway to answer your question I use a variety of sources in the CONTACT
question under XWAIS they are as follows.

usenet-addresses.src   Gives you e-mail addresses of anybody 
                       who has posted recently on Usenet
aimb.src               To catch the artificial intelligence mob
limb.src               For the database crowd
uumap.src              To get sites on Usenet
bitearn.nodes.src      To find out about nodes on Bitnet/Earn
arabid.src             E-mail addresses for "the plant" people
lists.src              For interesting mailing lists other than bionet.

Best regards -=ROB=-

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