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Eric Cabot ecec at quads.uchicago.edu
Tue Feb 4 12:08:21 EST 1992

In article <5526.9201301643 at surr.ac.uk> bss2aj at surrey.ac.uk (Alan Jennings) writes:
>Dear All,
>	He has access to several PC`s, but no software. So my question is,
>does anyone know of any PD/Shareware programs that can carry out simple
>operations on nucleic acid sequences. The kind of thing he wants is
>translation in all three reading frames, simple alignments, and maybe
>contig assembly. Then he could carry out simple analysis on a PC,

  The mulitple sequence editor ESEE performs all of the above operations.
You can get it sent to you by email via the bitnet server at netserv at embl,
in the directory dos_software. 
  You can also get ESEE via anonymous ftp from ftp.bio.indiana.edu
  Please disregard any shareware messages in the ESEE package, the
program is now public domain.


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